Welcome to Windows 7 Forums. Sign in to vote. Radeon Mobility IGP driver for 7? Thanks, but that doesn’t really answer my question. I guess I’m screwed. SP1 x32 Seven RC x

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Windows wddj IT Pro. Sign in to vote. In closely inspecting the driver information, it seems that driver is intended for hardware with an ID different than what I have.

Does anybody know where I might find one and how to properly install it? When I run the installer it now sees the driver as an option to install.

Best ATI Mobility RADEON 7500 driver for W7

I’m aware that the series only supports up to DX8. If you change your mind, I would recommend something like Zorin.

You raveon log in or sign up to reply here. During setup the system warned me once or twice, that the driver was not intended for the OS. Please, here si my picture include Attached Images.


raddeon I’ve heard mention of installing the driver manually not using the Catalyst installer but I have no idea how to do that??? And I can test Direct3D from directX7. But in Windows 7 it’s not important to get or not the Aero I cannot get higher than x, and SP1 raedon Seven RC x Success Version of Item: JudasJan 20, Manually installing doesn’t work either as I’m prompted that the driver is not suitable for my specific hardware, or something to that effect.

Driver version is 6. Oh, and you have it backwards.

I may mobilty reaching for the stars but I was hoping the Mobility Modifier would help my issue. Usually computer OEMs customize their hardware and drivers.

Problem with Radeon Mobility 9000/9100 IGP + Windows 7 + Catalyst 8.12 driver package

Here’s the interesting thing though. On the ATI wwddm. Sep 23, Messages: None of the series, mobility or otherwise, are on this list. As they say during a drought, pray for rain.


The sample video is perfectly smooth, and it bumped up my Windows Experience Index for Graphics from 1. I don’t recall the exact versions at play, but my hardware is apparently not supported by that driver.

Similar mobiity and support threads.

Best ATI Mobility RADEON driver for W7 | guru3D Forums

No way to get Aero working on it. I clicked that and that’s it! It did not show for me as an available option though. I think ultimately I’m out of luck. However, when I try to install the install fails with the below errors Tuesday, January 20, 7: