A code label that is defined within the module. If the caller unloads the DLL, this table should be copied back over the delay import address table so that subsequent calls to the DLL continue to use the thunking mechanism correctly. The export symbol information begins with the export directory table, which describes the remainder of the export symbol information. A Resource Data entry has the following format:. Although both linker members provide a directory of symbols and archive members that contain them, the second linker member is used in preference to the first by all current linkers. For more information, see Debug Type. The position of this table is found by taking the symbol table address in the COFF header and adding the number of symbols multiplied by the size of a symbol.

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The file pointer to the first page of the section within the COFF file. If the Value field is zero, then the symbol represents a section name. The size of the section for object files or the size of the initialized data on disk for image files.

Members of the name pointer table point into this area. An array of 1-based indexes unsigned short that map symbol names to archive member offsets. The location to receive the TLS index, which the loader assigns.

Although both linker members provide a directory of symbols and archive members that contain them, the second linker member is used in preference to the first by all current linkers. This is relevant, because it becomes possible to invalidate the PE image imaage in an Authenticode-signed catalog file by modifying a PE image that does not actually contain inage Authenticode signature.


The base relocation table is divided into blocks. Therefore, everything in object files with section name.

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Process Explorer procexp confirms that the malware creates a mutex: Mask for the subfield that contains the stride of Control Flow Guard function table entries that is, the additional count of bytes per table entry.

Currently, Microsoft tools recognize auxiliary formats for the sllcharacteristics kinds of records: With more sections, dllcharacteirstics is more file overhead, but the linker is able to link in code more selectively. Kernel-Mode Code Signing Walkthrough: Subsystem The subsystem required to run this image.

Policies and dllcharacteristjcs Contact us. The “TimeDateStamp” member of the import directory entry for a module controls binding; if it is set to zero, then the import directory is not bound. The number of bytes to reserve for the stack. This checksum includes the entire file including any attribute certificates in the file.

This is not a problem, because there are user scenarios that depend on re-signing PE images or adding a time stamp.

This permits the module to address any imported value, wherever it turns up in memory. These two arrays are parallel and are used to get an dllcahracteristics value from AddressOfFunctions.


x86 Disassembly/Windows Executable Files

The base relocation applies to the low 12 bits of a bit absolute address formed in RISC-V I-type instruction format. This is a declarative field for the linker that indicates that the compiler has already emitted this value. The longnames member is a series of strings of archive member names. If the sum of the rounded dwLength values does not equal the Size value, then either the attribute certificate table or the Size field is corrupted.


F in slot 1 and a bit 4 lowest bits all zero and dropped Dllcharateristics instruction in slot 2. The address of the last byte of the TLS, except for the zero fill.

An ANSI string that gives the name of the source file. The symbol is followed by auxiliary records that name the file.

PE-Portable-executable – aldeid

A match is attempted first with this value. Byte order will not be considered in this chapter, and all PE files are assumed to be in “little endian” format. The starting address of the TLS template. This wikibook separates them out for convenience.

If the base address is not available, the loader reports an error. The structure dllcharacterostics as follows:.