The Best Microphone Preamps. Solsman Dec 12, However we’ve consistently found that most of the serious user complaints about audio interfaces come from a small number of owners who can’t get these drivers to work properly. By and large we’ve chosen the interfaces that have the least problems for our guide but few are immune to some degree of complaint. Most of the few complaints point to driver and operating system compatibility issues, but this is to be expected given the many number of OS versions and updates. The SBX-1 lets computers and electronic instruments communicate and synchronize with each other.

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Build quality gets a lot of commendations, while others are impressed by the Steinberg UR’s intuitive controls, easy installation process and overall operation.

Edirol FA-66 FireWire Audio Capture

Overpeople receive our email newsletter. The Fireface packs RME’s premium build and sound quality into an audio interface with 12 analog inputs.

Screenshot of the Android app interface that can be used to wirelessly control the Roland R audio recorder Credit: The problems seem to be more prevalent with Windows OS, while Mac users have generally fared better. One user even reported having no problems and not a single instance aueio software crashing with his almost two years of use.

You can tackle this yourself in post-processing, or there’s a hybrid limiting feature built-in that can handle it automatically. Though the ubiquitous smartphone can serve as a capable audio recorder, there are times when quality counts.

Edirol FA FireWire Audio Capture Overview – CNET

The video below overviews the main features. The sound quality is excellent. It supports both PCM up to Leave this field blank.


Drawing from their mother company’s Yamaha hardware manufacturing expertise, Steinberg’s audio interfaces have become quite the market favorite. However if you are prepared to do your research and take uadio chance that you’ll end up troubleshooting driver issues then you’ll stand a good chance of ending up with a bargain.

Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. So an “18 channel” interface might only be able to handle 8 analogue inputs by itself. The unit is USB Class compliant so you should be able to use the basic IO features without needing Capfure drivers and this also provides compatibility with ‘driverless’ devices such as the iPad.

If you’re looking for 16 channels of auvio on a budget then this is a great option. The Best Microphone Preamps.

To reduce the chances of encountering these problems you should check to ensure that there are drivers available for your version of operating system and check to see whether other owners have had problem with systems like yours. If you’re using Steinberg’s Cubase then you should take advantage of the extra mileage that you can get out of the UR This second generation version also benefited from the collaboration between Pro Tools developer AVID and Focusrite, resulting in improved software control and the inclusion of the Pro Tools First Focusrite Creative Pack into the software bundle included with each unit.

Even Sam Inglis of Sound of Sound is convinced of its performance, saying “the main reasons for buying a Fireface UCX remain its excellent sound and performance in a computer recording context”. Some wished for a digital output for easy expansion, but this is a reasonable ediril given the edifol. This essentially means that if the main audio track suffers from clipping at certain points in the recording, it can be replaced with the lower-level copy.


A streamlined interface makes it easy to create personalised kits, while the built-in audio recording function lets you capture drum performances for… Related Products Roland Td Roland Td25 Roland Electronic Drum Kit. This is not to say that these extra digital input channels aren’t a handy option when you want to expand but they won’t help you if you don’t have another compatible audio interface.

And with capturee convenient trigger inputs, you can easily expand the HPD with a Roland pad and hi-hat….

Edirol Audio Capture Recording USB Audio/midi Interface Ua-20 24 Bit Digital

We have updated this guide to help you with this expansion, giving you a good look at the current best stand-alone audio interfaces with 4 or more analog inputs. As a result of today’s update, the following interfaces were removed from cature recommended list, but you can still read what we have to say about them:. Click to Expand Top View. Sony’s WHXM3 headphones bring the noise cancelling. Haken launches mini version of Continuum controller. Apple MacOS X Update Unrecognized Zip Code.