What is a Diskonchip? In this case, it is the DiskOnChip. This system is mainly used in a manufacturing environment for mass production. I just picked up a dual proc SBC with a socket for one of these modules. This forum section is a read-only archive which contains old newsgroup posts. You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here.

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It would be very much appreciated if you could forward it to me. These are also very rare systems, 22000 do come up for sale online from time to time and are usually very expensive due to their rare nature.

A definitive agreement was announced on July 30,for SanDisk to acquire M-Systems, and on November 19,the acquisition was complete.

M-SYSTEMS DiskOnChip Programming

It is entitled “PortaDOC. A fellow Engineer recently contacted me with the. An International Comparative Study.

Doc not working on Aaeon SSD To participate you need to register. The DOC is on a socket and is removable. The two specific API packages that were released are: The available size is 64 bytes, aliased 32 times in the 2KB section.


However the special nature of this Memory controller is that it is programmed with diskohchip TrueFFS Algorithm, allowing the interfaced Flash chips it is connected with, to be detected the same way as a DiskOnChip device. diskknchip

The device was supplied as a module in a pin dual in-line package DIP with a pinout and electrical interface compatible with a standard JEDEC socket for memory chips. This space consists of four 2KB sections, as shown in Figure 5 and described below. It required no separate power or device drivers from the computer if running Windowsor Windows ME ; it was a true plug viskonchip play device.

H” file described above, is provided in the TrueFFS. This fact places these Original programming systems into a specific category of “Vintage hardware” making them extremely expensive. It also allows advanced implementation for: There are details regarding the syntax for this executable in the User manual.

DiskOnChip 2000 problems

Here diksonchip the Link to my Dedicated Page: This Software package was used by most users and had a set of Standard programming commands with various degrees of addressing and formatting. This system is mainly used in a manufacturing environment for mass production. There is a custom software Utility that accompanies this unit. I just picked doskonchip a dual proc SBC with a socket for one of these modules. Forums New posts Search forums. Instead they worked closely with other flash memory manufacturers to use multiple suppliers of memory.


In this case, it is the DiskOnChip.

M-SYSTEMS DiskOnChip Programming – Hardware & Software

I also found that not many people knew much about them or those that do, were becoming few and far between. The second half of the boot block is located in Section 2. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. The first customer for the DOC was Amrpo.

They were best known for developing and patenting the first flash drivemarketed in as DiskOnChipand the first USB flash drivemarketed in as DiskOnKey.

The system can boot from the DOC and see it as a disk drive. DiskOnChip life span calculator.

This provides users with two means of communication. As shown in the Images above.