Posted by Francois Bouchard on February 3, See the Source Code Organization section for a description of the downloaded files and information on creating a new project. The eCos ethernet driver assumes that the PHY is already fully operational and does not interact with it in any way. Below is a static menu. It works for a while, I’m able to connect to the board using a web browser, but then it stops working. Again an image is supplied for demonstration purposes.

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This directory contains the processor include files from the Freescale MCF support page. The steps are illustrated below: To help with debugging an example is shown below. The archive is updated every week, so will not always contain the very latest posts. The web server and the lwIP initialization code is in web.

This ethernet package should be loaded automatically when selecting a target containing a ColdFire coldfide with on-chip ethernet, and it should never be necessary to load it explicitly. If there are special requirements, for example if the board has to be hardwired to communicate at 10Mbps rather than autonegotiate the link speed, then usually this is handled by fixed logic levels on some of the PHY pins or by using jumpers.

A check task The check task executes periodically. Delivered online or on-site.


NXP ColdFire

The demo application itself is targeted for the MBCC Business Card Computer which is a very cheap and powerful development platform. I can’t stay connected for more than 1 or 2 minutes.

Again an image is supplied for demonstration purposes. Make sure that your target hardware is working as expected. On starting Insight for the first time a configuration dialog will appear that allows you to select your target device.

Use the tree menu to navigate groups of related pages. If you add lwIP I assume that you are familiar with it and have an ethernet driver ready. An eCos application containing the ethernet driver will automatically pick up this address. Configuration Options This ethernet package should be loaded automatically when selecting a target containing a ColdFire processor with on-chip ethernet, and it should never be necessary to load it explicitly.

For example the target board may have a small serial EPROM or similar which is initialized during board manufacture. Typically the choice of eCos template causes the right thing to happen. If the target hardware does require software initialization of the PHY chip then usually this will be done in the platform HAL, because the choice of PHY chip is a characteristic of the platform.

The third one belongs to the web server and processes HTTP requests. This site required JavaScript to be enabled. For this one should check that the function xPortStartScheduler is correct for the target architecture.

FreeRTOS – Motorola/Freescale ColdFire Port with Ethernet drivers for the MCFx

However, Fido has its own unique etherneet and shares the instruction set with 68k only. This is useful if for example the target hardware includes a number of additional off-chip ethernet devices. There is absolutely no warranty for GDB.


There are a number of possibilities:. Common manufacturer s NXP Semiconductors. After reserving the space the registers are pushed on the stack. Next type continuethe execution should stop at the temporary breakpoint in main.

Next the value of the stack pointer is colrfire in the task control block pxCurrentTCB.

Stack frame What you can see here is that before the Exception the SP pointed to 0xac30 where we can now find the return address 0x colldfire well as the exception frame and the processor status register 0x Use these archive pages to search previous posts. Sign up to receive notifications of new colfire topics then help where you can. The ColdFire instruction set is “assembly source” compatible by means of translation software available from the vendor and not entirely object code compatible with the This setting is unused for the lwIP-specific driver.